vsatests is my new site to test out customizing and appearance option on WordPress.com

One of the biggest problems of my main site vsatipsis that I think it looks too busy.  In my attempt to make my information easy to find, I think I went overboard and the whole navigational menu system has created an overwhelmingly busy appearance.

Here’s an example of what I mean:  

I’ve written a lot in the first year that I’ve had vsatips up and running…which is a good thing.  I find that using a lot of photos in my articles helps to make them more readable.  But it takes a lot more time too.  So I also need to find a way to streamline the visuals.  A few more reasons for this test site include:

  1. I’m using this ‘about’ page as a static front page to try out a menu/directory method
  2. I’m testing out using image widgets in the sidebar for menu purposes too
  3. I’m trying out different themes with that have alternatives like hamburger menus and tab bar area

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