Test Colored Fonts That Are Also Centered



Using WYSIWYG Editor

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Using the HTML editor

 I’m testing my new Twitter button here!  I learned that the only way to use the code for a Twitter button that Twitter generates for you on WordPress.com, is to paste it into the new HTML browser editor…(maybe the old one too) because it does not work when posted into the HTML editor of the ios app.

Code I Used for the 2 lines below:

<h1 style=”text-align:center;”>I’m Testing Out Styling Fonts Here</h1>
<h2 style=”text-align:center;”><span style=”color:#00ffff;”>Headline that is Turqoise and centered H2 Size

I’m Testing Out Styling Fonts Here

Headline that is Turquoise and centered H2 Size


Some Color Codes I like:

00ffff turquoise
4f1f1f brown

Things That Frustrate Me About Using WordPress.com With an iPad Exclusively

  • It is almost impossible to edit the title of a post using the new browser editor on an ios device (if the title is longer than the text box and some text is hidden)
  • Selecting text that you instead to ‘style’ is cumbersome…you can’t select more than a few letters the first time.  So what you need to do is rather than fight it and keep dragging your finger across the Thole selection you want…just tap on COPY and then you should be able to select a longer passage of text.
  • The new browser editor on my iPad Air 2 gets weird after using it for a while…maybe 1/2 an hour max.  I know your thinking that this is an iPad problem…not amWordapress.com problem…and you’d be right…somewhat…I’ve been doing this long enough to recognize that it’s actually both things which could be fixed.
  •   For example right now I’m typing blindly on my iPad because the webpage decided to get partially hidden underneath the left and margin’s or sidebar portion of the screen,  so after I type for a while then the curser reappear and I can see for a little while.  But as soon as it goes to a new line I’m typing blind again.  The only way You ‘we been able to get this to go away is by first saving and then refreshing the webpage.
  • Which reminds me of another problem that corps up sometimes when I’m wp writing in an iOad.  If I accidentally tap too close to the top right ad corner of the screen then a User account menus opens but there is no easy to close.  This is a huge problem because I’m writing and the window block half the screen!  Again, the only way to address it is to tryand save my work and then refresh the page.

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