My Ideas to Improve the ios App December 20, 2015

I Love the Fixed ios App | Here are a Few Very Minor Tweaks That Would Make the App Golden

I’m thrilled to be able to once again use the awesome WordPress ios app.  Not only have the significant problems that prevented me from using it been fixed but a few minor tweaks were made too.

I’m not 100% sure what day the update was released but I installed it a few days ago, and because my use of the app had decreased a lot because of its problems, it took several days for me to notice there was a new version.

Once I did I wrote a new post then attempted the dreaded photo upload…which had been the major bug impacting the overall utility of an otherwise great app.  Guess what?


You have no idea how thrilled I am to find that the ios app can upload photos now!

One minor tweak I noticed was that the keyboard now uses


as the icon for switching between the visual and the text editor.

For Me the App is Almost Perfect Now

There are just a few very minor tweaks that would make it completely perfect (IMHO)

  • The ability to maneuver the curser within a word – ios and Evernote give users fine-grained control over curser placement.  By placing the curser near a word then long tapping (really holding your finger down) a magnified view appears that helps you to move the curser between the letters in a word.

The way this works in the app right now is fairly ‘low level’.  You can place the curser immediately in front of or behind a word, but not inside a word.  You do have this control while using the visual editor, however most people write their posts using the text editor primarily, so the writing experience is greatly hindered if it’s neccessay to jump back and forth constantly while composing.

The reason for needing the fine-grained control is because in the course of writing a post or page I may reorganize my ideas once I’ve seen them in ‘black &white.’  While I’m reorganizing things, or even while fixing my grammar, I oftentimes end up having a word appear first in a sentence that wasn’t originally the first word.  Therefore I need to capitalize the first letter, but I can’t do that easily without this control.  My work-around is to delete the word completely and retype it.


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