Pros & Cons of’s Old & New Editors

I’m testing out both editors in this post to see which I really like the most.  Each has aspects I like and some I don’t so it’s really a toss up for me which I prefer.

Some Facts

  • I do use the old editor more often…probably because of the way I arrive at my posts most often.
  • I do prefer the old ‘right side’ column for most of the page/post specific settings

Pros of Old Editor

The old editor is reached by going to WP Admin – Posts or Pages – Edit one of them

  1. Easier to find the short code for a page or post
  2. Easier to edit formatting of photos using iPad
  3. Can easily find how to get to new editor

Cons of Old Editor

  1. Harder to work with images…dragging size handles aspect
  2. Previewing or viewing page doesn’t open in a new tab

Gallery of Screenshots of Both Editors

Pros of New Editor

The new editor is reached by viewing any post of page you written and tapping on ‘Edit’ in bottom right corner of screen while your towards the top of the post/page.

  1. Includes a nice ‘excerpt’ field
  2. Visually more pleasing, less claustrophobic dashboard display
  3. Don’t like sidebar on left…prefer the right like the old editor…is faster for right handed people
  4. It’s easier to see and select tools from the toolbar using small screens like iPad mini.

Cons of New Editor

  1. Really hard to find short links…sometimes they just aren’t there
  2. Cant easily get back to old editor anymore
  3. Currently, when editing posts on an iPad, you view a post easily after editing…the green bar at the top of the screen with ‘View Post‘ is hidden underneath Safari’s top toolbar & tabs
  4. Due to problem #3 it would be nice to have the ‘view post‘ option at the bottom of the editing screen alongside ‘preview‘.
  5. Portrait view on iPad removes the left-sided settings column completely.

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